Properties of operator information area (OIA) property verification points

You can create OIA property verification points to test the OIA in your application. When you record the verification point, a baseline of the OIA is created. Every time you play back the script, the OIA is compared to check if any changes have occurred. This helps in identifying any mismatch in OIA.
Table 1 shows the properties, descriptions, and default values of OIA property verification points.
Table 1. OIA property verification points properties
Property Description Default Value
alphanumeric Specifies whether the input is limited to alphanumeric characters. true
class Specifies the Functional Test class name. For example, HtmlTable is the class name for a <Table> element.
commCheckCode Specifies the communication check code. 0
inputInhibited Specifies whether the input is inhibited. 0
machineCheckCode Specifies the machine check code. 0
numeric Specifies whether the host field is limited to numeric input. false
oIAEventDelay Specifies the OIA event delay. 0
progCheckCode Specifies the program check code. 0