Playing back host connection script

You can play back all your recorded actions, such as starting an application, the actions you perform, and stopping the application. There are several prerequisites to meet before you can reliably play back a script

Before you begin

To ensure that the script runs smoothly, perform the following prerequisites before playing back your script:
  • Add sleep timers to the script if your host application has windows that take an abnormally long time, or your network connection is slow. Sleep timers cause the play engine to pause before sending input to the host or before trying to perform a test on the slow host window.
  • Your actions, such as typing, clicking the mouse, and pressing buttons, are recorded into the script. If you have interacted with the host application prior to the host application being initialized, see Interacting with the host using the keyboard.
  • If your host application uses keys other than the function keys to cause the host window to change, Functional Test might not recognize the keys as host aid keys. For more information, see Using host key aids.


  1. Save changes in your script.
  2. Click the Run Functional Test Script Run Functional Test Script icon icon on the toolbar.