Creating properties verification points

You can create property verification points to test the properties of an object in your application. When you record the verification point, a baseline of the property is created. Every time you play back the script, the property is compared to check if any changes have occurred. This helps in identifying any mismatch in property.


  1. Drag the Object Finder icon over an object, and select Perform Properties Verification Point. The Insert Properties Verification Point Command window opens.
  2. Click Include Children to include the immediate children of the object or all its children.
  3. Type a name for the verification point in the Verification Point Name field. Make sure that the name is different from the default name, which makes it easier to locate in the test object map.
  4. Click Next to select the properties for verification points that you want to test.
  5. Click Finish to close the Verification Point and Action Wizard and return to recording your script.