Retrieving files from a host system to the workstation (3270 host sessions only)

You can retrieve files from a host system to the workstation. File transfer is available only for 3270 and 3270E sessions.

Before you begin

You must be connected to a host for the file transfer functions to work.


  1. Log in to your host system and open the command line interface.
  2. To set the default settings of your host system, click Default settings for File Transfer. Three types are supported in Host Type: MVS/TSO, VM/CMS and CICS®.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Specify a PC file name, host file name, and transfer mode from the Receive Files from Host window.
  5. To add the specified files to the Transfer list pane, click Add to List.
  6. Optional: To open a saved list, click Open List.
  7. Optional: To save the files listed in the Transfer List window to a file, click Save List.
  8. In the Transfer List window, select the files that you want to receive from the host.
  9. To retrieve the selected files, click Receive. The specified files are transferred.