Reading multiple datasets from a functional test script

You can use the dynamic find() API to read multiple datasets from a functional test script.
This sample code shows you how to read more than one dataset from a functional test script.
public class UserInformation extends UserInformationHelper {
	 * Script Name : UserInformation Generated : Sep 6, 2011 3:57:48
	 * PM Description : Functional Test Script Original Host : WinNT Version
	 * 5.1 Build 2600 (S)
	 * @since 2011/09/06
	 * @author user1
	public void testMain(Object[] args) throws Exception {

		//User defined function to load more then on dataset

	public void firstdataset(){

		//Get a value from the first dataset at the Test Script Level.
		String address = dpString("Address");

		System.out.println(" -- Address from the 'script' associated dataset: " + address);

		//Call the second dataset


	public void Seconddataset() {

		// Point to the dataset location that was created dpFile = new
				(String) getOption(IOptionName.DATASTORE), "/UserDetails.rftdp");
		// Load the dataset using FT IdatasetFactory
		Idataset dataset_two = dpFactory().load(dpFile, true);

		// Open the dataset using FT IdatasetFactory
		IdatasetIterator dataset_Ite_2 = dpFactory().open(dataset_two, null);

		// After it is opened, initilize the dataset to access the data

		// Get a value from the second dataset, first record
		String firstName = dataset_Ite_2.dpString("FirstName");

		// Redirect the output to console or use logInfo method
		System.out.println(" -- First Name from the Second dataset: "
				+ firstName);