Using a local license server

In some cases, your computer might not be connected to the open Internet. In these cases, you can set up a local license server behind your company firewall. You must install the server on a physical computer and not on a Virtual Machine.

Before you begin

As part of configuration, the local license server must already have mapped your entitlements and be able to serve your requests.

About this task

The local license server is supported on 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms. For more information about installing and configuring the local license server, see the documentation for the local license server on the HCL License & Delivery Portal product download site.

The local license server will be available soon after the release.


  1. After the license server is installed and configured, start the testing product.
  2. Within the test product, click Windows > Preferences > Test > Licensing.
  3. When the licensing dialog opens, select the Server Type as Local and replace the URL of the cloud-based license server with the URL of your own local license server. Enter the Server URL of the local license server in this format - http://myServer:portNumber/request. Do not specify the server ID.
  4. To test the connection to the server, click Test Connection.

What to do next

You can now work with the product.