Adding test object descriptions

You can enter descriptive text about an object that HCL OneTest™ UI adds to the Administrative property set tab for the object. HCL OneTest UI also displays the description when you place the cursor over the object name in a script.


To add descriptive text to the Administrative property tab for the test object:

  1. In the test object map, select a test object.
  2. From the test object map toolbar click the Test Object: Description button Test Object: Descriptionto open the Set Description Property for Selected Test Object dialog box.
  3. In the Test Object Description for object field, enter the text for the description property of the selected test object.

    If the test object has a description property, HCL OneTest UI displays the text in the text box, for you to edit.

  4. Click OK. HCL OneTest UI places the description in the helper class. The description is not inserted until the helper class file is regenerated, which occurs when you record, playback, or update recognition properties. To regenerate the helper class file manually, in the HCL OneTest UI menu click Script > Update Script Helper.