Editing an element

If you use ClearCase® for source control of your test assets, you can edit an element of the project that is in ClearCase.

About this task

An element is an object in a VOB, a database that stores your project's files. An element can be a Functional Test script, a Functional Test project, an object map, a test datapool, or a Java™ file. All elements are stored with version history and comments.


  1. If you use ClearCase, check out the element that you want to change.

    If you do not check out an element and start to edit it, the Check Out dialog box opens. Check out the element and then edit it.

  2. Take any of the following steps to edit a Functional Test file:
    • Change a script.
    • Edit an object map.
    • Customize a script template.
    • Add data to a test datapool.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Check in the element.