Setting ClearCase preferences for HCL OneTest UI

You can define the following settings for the ClearCase® integration with HCL OneTest™ UI: enable integration with ClearCase, show script details, save a file with the keep extension, check out a script reserved, and save a new version of the script and keep it checked out.


To set the preferences for the HCL OneTest UI integration with ClearCase:

  1. In the product menu, click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, expand Team in the left pane.
  3. Select Functional Test.
  4. Change the options. In some cases, you might have to clear the check box to the left of the field to edit the option.
  5. Click Apply to save the new settings and continue changing options, or click OK to save the new settings and close the Preferences dialog box.