Editing object properties

You can edit information in the property sets in the lower (or right) pane of the test object map window.

About this task

To edit a value on either tab, double-click the value.

The Recognition tab displays the data used to find the object during execution.

For example, you can change the weight for an item in the Recognition tab to put more or less emphasis on finding the object during execution. A value of 100 is the most important; 0, the least.

You can change a property value to a regular expression or numeric range by using the test object map editor. For information, see the related topic about Replacing an Exact-Match Property with a Pattern.

The Administrative tab displays internal administrative data of the test object. These properties are used to manage and describe the test object. Updating the properties on this tab affects the future code generation of scripts that use this test object. For example, updating the Descriptive Name causes the new name to be used the next time this Test Object is added to a script. Properties that cannot be edited are labeled "(read only)."

For example, the .itemText field in the Recognition tab for a list box lists some of the elements for the list box. You can edit the list, delete some items, or set the weight to zero if the elements of the list are dynamic in nature or have changed.

You can also add descriptive text to the Administrative property tab for an object.