Exporting functional test project items

You can export project items such as scripts, test object maps, Java™ files or Visual Basic files, datapools and application visuals to another functional test project.


  1. Select the project in the Project view and click File > Export from the product menu. In the Export wizard, select Functional Test > Functional Test Project Items and click Next.
  2. In the Select Items to Export page, verify that the items you want to export are selected and those you do not want to export are cleared.
    • The project items can be from any project.
    • If you use ClearCase®, you do not need to check out the files before exporting. HCL OneTest™ UI does this when importing.
  3. To export the application visuals, select Export Application Visuals.
  4. In the Specify the export destination field, enter the name or browse for the data transfer file, which is the file to export with the selected project items. If the file does not exist, HCL OneTest UI creates it with a .rftjdtr extension.
  5. Click Finish.

    HCL OneTest UI compresses a copy of the files into a data transfer file with the name you specified and appends a .rftjdtr extension.

    When you export a script, HCL OneTest UI includes any necessary files, such as shared test object maps, even though you did not select them.

    To view items in the data transfer file, you can use any file compression program that supports the .zip format.