Adding an element to source control

A new solution, project, or a new script and its supporting files, are all view private files and are not under ClearCase® source control until you add them to source control.

Before you begin

To add an element to source control, you must create the solution and project in a ClearCase view. If you did not create the solution and project in a ClearCase view, to share the project, move the solution and project to a ClearCase view and then add it to source control.

About this task

A view-private file is a file or directory that exists only in a particular view in a ClearCase view. View-private objects are not version-controlled. For more information about view-private files, see the Rational® ClearCase Help.

If you check in a solution or project, all the files in the solution or project are checked in. However, checking in an individual source code file does not result in the checkin of the project or solution to which it belongs.

An element is an object in a VOB, a database that stores your project's files. An element can be a Functional Test script, a Functional Test project, an object map or a file. All elements are stored with version history and comments.


  1. From the Solution Explorer, select the element that you want to check in, and then right-click Check In.
  2. Under the Name column, clear the check box of any element that you do not want to add to source control.
  3. Under Comment, describe the files or directories you add to source control.
  4. Click Check In to add the element to source control.

What to do next