Updating recognition properties

You can update recognition properties for a test object in the application-under-test.

Before you begin

Make sure that a test application is started.


  1. Select a test object in the test object map.
  2. Click Test Object Update Recognition Properties. HCL OneTest™ UI highlights the control in the application and displays the Choose Test Object to Update page.
  3. In the Choose Test Object to Update Page of the Update Recognition Properties wizard, select the test object to update and click Next. HCL OneTest UI displays the Update Test Object Recognition Properties page that contains the updated test object properties, the original recognition properties, and all the active properties for the object.
  4. In the Update Recognition Properties wizard page, change the Updated Test Object Properties. For example, to include any of the All Active Properties in the updated test object properties, double-click the source property. You can also copy from the Original Recognition Properties or the All Active Properties grids to the updated test object properties. In the Updated Test Object Properties grid, you can convert recognition property values to regular expressions or to numeric ranges.
  5. Click Finish.