Problems with environment enablement

When it is not possible to record on the application-under-test, you must verify whether the test environment was enabled for functional testing.


HCL OneTest™ UI is unable to record on the application-under-test, or it records incorrect statements.


Verify that the domain was enabled for functional testing. For example, for HTML applications, verify whether the browsers and their associated Java Runtime Environments (JREs) were enabled for testing. For information about preparing the functional test environment for testing, see Preparing the functional test environment.

In HCL OneTest UI version 9.1 and later, the test environment is automatically enabled for functional testing under certain conditions; no manual enablement is required. For information about the conditions in which automatic enablement occurs, see Automatically enabled environment for functional testing.

If the environment is not automatically enabled, you must enable the components manually. For information about enabling components manually, see these topics: