Associating a datapool with a group in a simplified script

You can associate a datapool with a group in a simplified script. With this capability, you can create multiple datapools for a script and associate the datapools with the groups in a script.


  1. Select a group in the simplified script editor that contains the test lines to be data-driven. The General page in the Properties view displays the datapool section.
  2. On the General page of the Properties view, specify the datapool details:
    1. To create a datapool and associate it with the group, type a new datapool name. If a datapool already exists, select the datapool from the list.
    2. Type the datapool iteration count to specify the number of times the test lines in the group must be run by accessing the records in the datapool.
  3. Click Script > Find Literals and Replace with Datapool Reference to replace the existing literals in the group with the datapool reference. Ensure that you add the literals to the datapool while replacing the literals with the datapool reference so that the values are added to the datapool. For more information, see the topic about replacing literals with datapool reference.
  4. Click File > Save to save the test script. The Test Datapool view displays the newly associated datapool with the literal values as records. You can add more data to the datapool in the Test Datapool view.
    Note: If you insert data-driven commands for other controls in the group by using an application visual, the data for the control is automatically added to the datapool that is associated with the group.
    During script playback, the data for the controls is retrieved from the associated datapool.