Viewing Dojo logs

Dojo logs are based on XML logs and display a graphical representation of the test results. You can use Dojo logs to select filters and view verification points, failed verdicts, warning verdicts, and the detailed information on each action that is recorded in the script. Dojo logs open in the default browser after script execution.


  1. Start HCL OneTest™ UI
  2. Record a script.
  3. Click Window > Preferences.
  4. On the left pane, expand Functional Test > Playback.
  5. Click Logging.
  6. Ensure that the Use Default check box is cleared.
  7. Select xml from the Log type list, and click OK.
  8. Playback your script. The Dojo log is displayed in the default web browser.
    Note: For detailed information about viewing Dojo logs in the Firefox browser, see Unable to view Dojo logs in Firefox version 3.0.