Installing HCL OneTest UI silently

You can install HCL OneTest™ UI from the command line by using response files rather than using the IBM® Installation Manager graphical user interface.

About this task

For complete details about silent installation, see the Installation Manager information center.


To install IBM Installation Manager and HCL OneTest UI silently:

  1. Create a response file that contains the commands and inputs for the installation process. For instructions to manually create and use a response file, see Creating a response file manually.
  2. Install HCL OneTest UI using the response file by using the Installation Manager installer.
    • If you have already installed IBM Installation Manager:
      1. Change to the following directory: eclipse\tools. For example: cd C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools.
      2. Enter the installation command.
        • On Windows systems: imcl.exe input response_file_path_and_name -log log_file_path_and_name -acceptLicense
        • On Linux systems:./imcl input response_file_path_and_name -log llog_file_path_and_name -acceptLicense