Exporting proxy packages

You can use the export wizard to export resources to an archive file. The components that must be deployed are bundled in a file. The deployable assets are exported to the target location. You can select the required proxy package items to export and save the items in the target location. These assets can be used later in different computers. For example, the .rftcfgjar file can be deployed to computers that run the Microsoft Windows Vista operating systems.

Before you begin

To use the proxy development wizard, you must switch to the Java perspective.

About this task

To export the resources to an archive file:


  1. Click File > Export. The Export wizard opens.
  2. Click Functional Test > Functional Test configuration/customization to a JAR file, and then click Next.
  3. Select the proxy package to export. In the File text field, type the file name. You can also click Browse to select the destination path.
  4. Click Finish. The .rftcfgjar file is exported to the specified location.