Importing proxy packages

The import wizard imports the proxy package to the customization directory of HCL OneTest™ UI. The import wizard displays the proxy items that are available in the proxy package. You can import these items into HCL OneTest UI or any computer.

Before you begin

To use the proxy development wizard, you must switch to the Java perspective. You must also have an archived proxy package from which to import.

About this task

To import items from an archive file:


  1. Click File > Import. The Import wizard opens.
  2. Click Functional Test > Functional Test configuration and customization items, and then click Next. The Import configuration items window opens.
  3. In the Import from field, browse for the archive file in the file system. The Select the items to be imported window opens.
  4. The items that the archive file contains are displayed in the Select the items to be imported window. Select the items to import, and click Finish. The selected items are displayed in HCL OneTest UI.