Managing the reporting dashboard

The reporting dashboard shows reports from individual projects across multiple testing products represented as pie charts. Within each project, there are legends that summarize the reported metrics as percentages. To manage the reports, you can choose to delete, lock, and compare them.

About this task

You can perform the following actions on the dashboard:
  • Delete: Select the reports to delete and click the Delete icon.Report with delete icon

  • Lock: Select the reports to lock and click the Lock icon.
    Note: When the reports are locked, other users cannot delete them.
    Reports with lock icon

  • Filter: Click the Filter icon and then selecting the appropriate filters to view the reports that you want.
    Filter Results
  • Compare: Select multiple reports to enable the Compare icon and click it. A new tab comparing the reports is displayed. You can select reports from multiple products.
    Reports with compare icon

  • Trend: Select a report that has run over a period of time to view its trend. You can check whether the overall response time is showing an upward trend. For example, the HTTP report displays the overall health of the pages over a period of time.
    Reports with trend icon

  • Label: Provide an appropriate label to identify a report.
    Reports with Label icon