Configuring Docker containers

Instead of reading through system requirements list and installing the products, you can now deploy the Docker containers on any computer and get started with testing. To automate playing back tests, you can push the product images to the Docker container.


  1. Download and install Docker-CE. For more information, see the following links:
  2. To verify whether your Docker installation was successful, open PowerShell or a terminal of your choice and run:
    $ docker run hello-world
  3. Download the container image for the agents from the same location you downloaded the product bits and extract the compressed files.
    Important: The version of the workbench and agents must match.
  4. Load the agent image into the Docker repository:
    $ docker load -i "imageFileName.tar.gz"
    When the image is loaded, the following message is displayed - Loaded image: imageFileName:versionNumber

What to do next

You can now set up the playback environment on Docker by following instructions in Running tests with containerized agents and Running automated tests with containerized workbench and agents from Docker.