Testing Web applications on Android devices: overview

With the mobile test client for Android you can test web applications from your Android device and Android emulators.

The mobile test client for Android, that is, an Android device or emulator, works in conjunction with HCL OneTest™ UI running on a computer. From an Android client you can connect to the computer, record and run tests, and view reports. If you are in a secure environment, you can connect an Android device to the computer with a USB cable. You can also use a WiFi or cellular connection.

With the mobile test client, you can add web applications to HCL OneTest UI while using the Mobile and Web UI Application editor. For details, see Adding web applications to HCL OneTest UI

UI for testing native Android apps

The following figure shows the Android mobile test client for testing web applications:

Android client

Passive mode

When you are ready to run your tests, you can run them on the device or in HCL OneTest UI. To give control to HCL OneTest UI, simply tap Enter Passive Mode from the mobile test client.