Installing the mobile test client on the iOS Simulator

To record and run tests from your iOS Simulator, you must install the mobile test client on the Simulator.

Before you begin

You should have a Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion or later with Xcode 4.6 or 5.x. For supported versions, see the Software requirements topic.
Note: Before using the shell scripts, ensure that you have all the execution rights required.


  1. In the Web UI Test perspective, click File > New > Other > Test > Add Device and copy the Workbench URL.
  2. In the MacOS 10 system, open the web browser, enter the Workbench URL, and click the download link. This task downloads the
  3. Before using the shell-scripts, unpack the archive and ensure that all shell scripts in the build-script folder can be executed by the current user. This can be checked with ls -l command and changed with chmod command. Refer to Mac OS X documentation for more details on how to use these commands.
  4. Open the terminal, point to the build-script folder and type the following command:
    ./ /Users/XXX/Downloads/RTW-iOS-Build-Archive/client/iphonesimulator/RTWiOS.ipa .

    The .ipa file parameter is required. It is located in the relative path to the shell script ../client/iphonesimulator/RTWiOS.ipa.

    The iOS mobile test client is installed on the simulator and the mobile test client icon shows up on the apps screen of the simulator.

What to do next

You must now connect the iOS mobile test client with the test workbench. For information about connecting to the test workbench, see Configuring test workbench topic.