Installing the mobile web recorder on the iOS Simulator

If you are testing mobile Web applications on the IOS Simulator, you must first install the mobile web recorder.

About this task

The mobile web recorder is required for testing mobile Web applications. To test mobile Web applications on an iOS device, you can download the mobile web recorder from the Apple App Store. Because the iOS Simulator does not have access to the Apple App Store, you must install the mobile web recorder manually before you can start testing mobile Web applications.

You install the mobile web recorder by first downloading and then running script from the command line.


  1. If you have not already done so, download
    1. Open a browser on the Macintosh computer and enter the Workbench URL in the following format:


      For example,

    2. In the Mac OS Welcome page, follow the online instructions to download the archive.
    3. When the download finishes, unpack the build archive.

      The following folders are included in the build archive: browser, build-script, client, runtime, runtime-bundle.

  2. Open a Terminal window on the Macintosh computer and change to the build-script folder.
  3. Type ./ ../browser/iphonesimulator/HCL\ RTW\ Browser.ipa to install the mobile web recorder.


After you install the mobile web recorder, you can start testing Web applications in the iOS Simulator.