Running tests from an Android mobile test client

You can run a test from an Android mobile device or emulator. After the run, the report is automatically uploaded to HCL OneTest™ UI. You can also view the report on the mobile test client.

Before you begin

  • You must first record and generate a test as mentioned in Recording Android tests.
  • To be able to test your application on a mobile device, the mobile device must be running the mobile test client and be connected to HCL OneTest UI. You can connect the mobile test client by following the instructions in Configuring the mobile test client for Android, or you can do this at installation time by following the instructions in Installing and configuring the Android client with the USB Controller.
  • For Android 6 devices that are connected to the computer running HCL OneTest UI with a USB cable, open Device Settings > Developer Options on the device and deselect Verify apps over USB. Otherwise, a conformation dialog opens each time the mobile test client or an application under test (AUT) is installed.

About this task

You can play back tests for web applications on either Android or iOS. In addition, you can record a test on one device, such as a phone, and play back the test on another type of device, such as a tablet, if the application tested has the same behavior on both types of devices.

With the mobile test client for Android, you can also play back GPS locations and hardware actions such as volume up and down, mute, the use of headphones, and all media actions (play, pause, and so on), making calls, and ending calls. Camera and microphone functions are not supported.


  1. In the mobile test client, tap Manage Web Applications for a web application, and then tap the application under test.

    A list of available tests is displayed.

  2. Tap a test script in the list, and then tap Run Test.

    If your device or emulator is set up with the USB Controller, which enables Android silent mode, the test is played back automatically on the mobile device or emulator. Do not interact with the mobile device until the test is complete.

    Note: You can also run a test in silent mode without the USB Controller. However, in this case, silent mode is not available on devices and emulators with API level 17 and above (Android 4.2 +) due to a known limitation. See Recording tests from the Android mobile test client for more information about silent mode without the USB Controller.

    If your device or emulator is not set up for silent mode, you will be prompted to uninstall the recording-ready app and install the playback-ready app before the test is run.

What to do next

You can now evaluate the test results. See Evaluate results.