Connecting an Android device to the test workbench with USB tethering

The Android mobile client can be connected to the HCL OneTest™ UI even if you have no WiFi connection. You can use a USB tethering and modify the settings on your device to enable this option.

Before you begin

USB tethering is available on devices using Android 4.1 or later.


  1. Connect the Android device with the computer on which the HCL OneTest UItest workbench is running.
  2. On the Android device go to Settings > Wireless and networks, and tap More settings and depending on the devices, tap Mobile network sharing > USB network setting or tethering and hotspot settings, then check USB tethering to share the mobile network with the PC.
  3. On the computer make sure that all firewall windows are closed. Then click the Workbench URL icon to display the workbench URL and type the URL on the browser of the device to connect/reconnect to the test workbench. For more details on this step, see Configuring the mobile test client for Android