Putting test assets under source control

Use version-control software, such as Rational® ClearCase® or Rational Team Concert™, to put the test assets under source control.
If you use a version-control software, such as Rational ClearCase or Rational Team Concert, put the following assets under source control to share them with the members of your team that use the same source-control product. Put the different project assets in separate folders under the main project.
Asset File name extension Comments
Projects .project This enables the project to be seen and imported by another user.
Manifest and build files MANIFEST.MF, build.properties These are project files that are checked in.
Recording .recdata, .recsession The recording data and the session information will be part of these files.
Tests .testsuite The test script.
Managed Application .ma This is the application under test that is instrumented with the code.
Custom code .java Put any custom code that you have written for a test under the source control. Put this code under the src folder for the project; for example, in src\custom.

This code must be versioned as a single logical unit with the test that includes it (that is, the code and the test should be versioned together).

JavaScript .js Put any JavaScript file that you have used for a test under the source control.
Datasets .dataset Put any Dataset that you have used for a test under the source control.
Results .xmoebreport, .stats, .rstats, .pstats, and .mstats These are results assets and contain the data that is used to create reports and should be under source control. Some of these assets are not visible in the Test Navigator. To see these assets, in the Test Navigator view, click the drop-down icon and select Filters and clear the Statistics Stores check box. Test Navigator Filter

You can perform the check out and check in operations from this view. Store the results in a separate results folder, which you can specify when running a schedule or test.

Follow these guidelines:
  • Turn off the Eclipse prompt that is displayed every time you create a file, asking if you want to add it to source control. To do so, click Window > Preferences > Team > ClearCase SCM Adapter preferences page and select Do Nothing.
  • During a session, keep schedules and tests checked out for easy editing. When you exit Eclipse, you are prompted to check them back in.
  • Put test logs (files with the .execution file name extension) under source control, in the results folder.
  • Do not put the class path file under source control.