Running a Web UI load test on the SoftLayer cloud

The traditional method of load testing involves expenditure towards purchase and maintenance of physical computers. To avoid such expense, you can use the IBM cloud for load testing.

Before you begin

About this task

A Web UI test is run on the HCL OneTest Performance Cloud Manager and is charged according to the number of Web UI-Hours that the test ran. For information about how to get started, see About Promotional code and Subscription ID.


  1. Create a local schedule, add the Web UI test, and run it. To create a schedule, see Creating a VU Schedule. To run the schedule, see Running tests from a schedule. The cost of running a cloud schedule depends on the number of VU-Hours and/or Web UI-Hours that the schedule runs. So, consider running the local schedule with the default 5 users to fix any errors before scaling up the load to run on the cloud.
  2. To run the schedule on a public cloud such as SoftLayer, in HCL OneTest Performance, create a location template. See Creating location templates for SoftLayer.
  3. Connect to the cloud manager. See Connecting to the cloud manager for SoftLayer.
  4. Create a cloud schedule. See Creating a cloud VU Schedule
  5. Run the cloud schedule. See Running a cloud VU Schedule.