Running multiple Web UI tests and compound tests simultaneously in the cloud

With this experimental feature, you can take full advantage of cloud-based test execution, while reducing your overall investment in computing resources. The pay-as-you-go model for the cloud allows you to pay for computing resources only when needed, instead of having to maintain a test lab 24/7. You can choose to use the cloud service from a public cloud such as IBM SoftLayer or from a private cloud such as VMware.

Before you begin

About this task

Any tests that you select for test execution using this feature must meet the following requirements: ​

  • Only Web UI tests and compound tests containing Web UI tests are supported.
  • Web UI tests must always start with a Launch application (not In Application) command.

    Launch application

  • The first test in the compound test must also start with a Launch application.​


  1. Create one or more location templates. A location template defines attributes such as the operating system image type, data center location, and host type for the virtual machines to be hosted in the cloud. For details about location templates, see Creating location templates for SoftLayerand Creating location templates for VMware. Location templates require that HCL OneTest UI be shell-shared with HCL OneTest Performance.
  2. In the Test Navigator, right-click a folder that contains multiple Web UI tests, compound tests, or both, and click Run Distributed Tests. If the tests reside in different folders, use multi-select to select the individual tests before right-clicking. You can also right-click a Project to select all of the Web UI tests in that project.

    Run Distributed Tests menu item

  3. In the Run Accelerated Functional Test window, review the lists of tests that are queued up for the test run. In the example below, one single test and one compound test are selected. Add or remove any other tests to run and click Next.

  4. Select the browsers (Firefox, Chrome, or both) that will be used for test playback and click Next.

  5. In the Cloud Execution window, select Enable Cloud locations to be used for test(s) execution, select the Location Template to use, and click Finish.

    The Cloud location is generated automatically.

    Run distributed tests: Cloud Execution

    Note: This page only appears when HCL OneTest UI and HCL OneTest Performance are shell-shared.


If this is the first test run in the cloud, you will be prompted to provide your IBM credentials and promo code. You will then see messages about payment. Because this feature is promo code enabled, you are not charged and just need to click OK.

You will also see a message informing you that user authentication is required to view reports on the cloud. Click Yes to open the Web Reports Preferences page and add your IBM ID and password.

Preferences: Web Reports

If you are running tests on a SoftLayer public cloud, provisioning on SoftLayer starts, and when that is done, test execution begins. After completion, the test results and logs are transferred back to the local workbench and the Mobile and Web UI report is displayed. Because a promo code is used for cloud execution, test execution is limited to no longer than ten minutes.