Recording a host connection script

You can automate the testing of a host application by recording a script that connects to, and interacts with a host system. The session is recorded as a set of commands and can be played back at a later time. This allows you to automate the navigation to specific screens.


  1. Log in and interact with the host when you create a host connection script.
  2. In the window where you want to perform a test, on the Recording Monitor toolbar, click the Verification Point and Action Wizard Verification Point Action Wizard Icon icon.

  3. Drag the object finder Object Finder icon over the host terminal (a thick red line outlines the selected terminal or field). You can use the selector to select the entire terminal or any of the fields in the terminal session, and click Next.
  4. Select the verification values to perform using Data Verification Point tab of the Perform an Action page.
  5. Select the required data values and properties
  6. Select All field properties from the list if you are checking host field attributes. Provide a verification point name, and click Next. The Verification Point Data page lists all the host fields from the current host screen.
    Verification Point Action Wizard window Verification Point Data page
    The fields are named Field_row_col_text, where row is the starting row of the field, col is the starting column of the field and text is the text found in the field.
  7. Optional: Clear the check box of the field for which you do not want to perform a host-attributes check. By default all host field attributes (except the host field names) are selected by this verification point. If you do not want to test all host field attributes, double-click the item in the list, and clear the attributes in the Test Data Element list.
    Note: Avoid checking the name attribute of the host field in the verification point. This attribute might cause problems during script play back.
  8. Log off, and click the Disconnect Disconnect icon icon after creating the verification points.
  9. Click the Stop Recording Stop Recording icon icon on the recording monitor toolbar. This stops the recording monitor and generates the script.